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"Transformation: The induced or spontaneous change of one 'element' into another by a process."

Transformation is the inevitable part of today's business. Whether it is driven by customer's demand for innovation, industry regulations or digitalization. AARETON is working together with clients to drive the necessary change.

The key to prosperity is the ability to quickly frame, initiate and implement impactful changes. This won't be possible without ensuring right transformation strategy development, communication, and strong leadership.

AARETON is continuously improving ATF - AARETON Transformation Framework to help clients transform faster at the same time focusing on the sustainability of their organization as well as the implementation of changes in the properly planned and controlled manner.

AARETON Transformation Framework consists of four stages where specific models are designed as per the client requirements and needs.


client needs, objectives, and accelerators which will allow faster implementation


actual situation, future demand, implementation requirements, engagement model and transformation guide


defined changes - depending on the engagement model


progress, impact, and changes of internal and external factors